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Murat: in Marengo “Here we do not die”

“Joachim Napoleon”, as he wanted to be called, son of innkeepers born in 1767, was responsible for his total rise thanks to his rebellious character and his great ambition. In 1791 he joined the Constitutional Guard of Louis XVI, from which he soon emerged with decidedly revolutionary positions. He became captain in 1793; his audacity on the day of the 13th harvest (1795) allowed him to gain the trust and esteem of a young Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted him at his side. Elected Brigadier General in 1796 he distinguished himself particularly in the campaign of Italy and in Egypt had a prominent part. In 1800 he married Bonaparte’s sister, Carolina, and distinguished himself in the Battle of Marengo. In Paris, a month after the victorious battle, Bonaparte handed him the “Saber of honor” becoming Governor of the Cisalpine Republic. In 1808 he carried out much of the occupation of Spain and on 1 August he became King of Naples by permission of Napoleon.

During his reign he promoted significant and, in some cases, innovative initiatives including public and cultural works to “transform Naples into a new capital, logistical, economic and cultural center between the ports of the Mediterranean”.

“The strong passion for cultural and historical heritage is a trait that historically unites France and Italy. – points out the Councillor Cherima Fteita – The visit of Murat strengthens the cooperation between the two countries and the development of the exchange of best practices.”

The same cooperation has been created around the Marengo complex among the interested bodies developing “an important axis of communication to focus on the figure of Napoleon as a cultural user” adds Torre president of ASM – Costruire Insieme.

So Marengo has regenerated: from a place of battle to a promoter of peace and a necessary exchange because Marengo is and will be “place of the community”. And this community has been aimed “investing in people and beginning a journey of understanding the historical/cultural importance of the Province” explains the Provincial Councillor Sciaudone.

In honor of all this Saturday, May 21, 2022 Marengo will host Prince Pierre Murat, descendant of Joachim Murat, who will find him engaged in the visit of the Museum and in a talk attended by historians and representatives of the economic world.

Marengo is stage of development of culture and market as the kingdom of Naples was for Murat. “Despite the period of tension he decided to keep the trade open by starting a path of international diplomacy” concludes Temporary Manager Efrem Bovo.

Even Pierre Murat, like his ancestor in Castellabate, admiring Marengo can exclaim “Here we do not die”.

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