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About us

Espace Press
Haute Récit
École Marengo

We are press office professionals and our ambition is to tell important stories; our offices are located in Marengo, a historic site which is has become synonymous with an innovative teaching style as well as a school of thought. Our aim is to give more visibility, both in print and online, to our partner vocational and international schools, universities and companies.

In addition to providing services related to our areas of expertise, we offer learning programs for those who wish to pursue a career in international relations with an emphasis on communication, be it pen and paper or the most cutting-edge technologies, which make it possible to tailor one’s messages to a specific audience.

We believe that print and digital media are two sides of the same coin; for this reason we publish books and magazines directed at the general public as well as niche audiences; our aim is to quench the thirst for knowledge and information which is inherently human.

Every culture has deep historical roots and the effects of this inter-relationship are still relevant today: this indissoluble bond constitutes the very foundation of our mission in disseminating knowledge and information.

Our Mission

Using both traditional methods and new technologies in education

Stressing the importance of history as a form of sociological analysis

Identifying occupational opportunities and showcasing the talents of those who collaborate with École Marengo

“Education can change your life” for the better!

We believe in effective communication, which can transcend national borders.

In addition to providing our expertise, we offer training programs in order to cater to the needs of companies as well as public and private institutions; we adopt both traditional and innovative methods in order to build and maintain the reputation of businessmen and public institutions.

ècole marengo

Our Vision

We offer unique learning solutions, stressing the importance of well-documented historical facts as well as current events. “Follow your heart” is the title of Susanna Tamaro’s book, which is regarded as one of the 150 greatest books in Italian history. It is crucial to preserve one’s appreciation of beauty and purity intact even in periods of upheaval; to quote the author: “Life is not a race, but a kind of target practice. What really matters is not saving time, but finding your center” (translation by UJCE).

Our courses

Basic Course

Effective communication management development and soft skills. Reputation, institutional and international relations. Cultural brand and corporate social responsibility.

Specialization before
social media

Journalism and Press Office

MEP - Meditationes
Ethico Politicae

Political education: from Marengo the Campus "on-off" to be always connected, in dialogue, for knowledge and democracy

Why Espace Press?

Our aim at Espace Press is to provide the correct tools for effective communication to public institutions and companies operating in different fields thanks to our expertise as media relations and press office specialists.

Public relations

The aim of public relations is to foster communication between private and public sector, so as to effectively build and maintain a positive reputation, which is of the utmost importance for companies and institutions.

Media relations

With news being readily available and increasingly easy to share, media relations services have become essential in order to stand out in a sea of information. Instead of consuming information indiscriminately, we need to carefully evaluate and select the most reliable sources.

Press office

Before resorting to social media, websites, bulletins, satellite links and tweets, journalists need to acquire specific abilities and techniques. Our specialists at Espace Press possess the necessary skills to tackle the challenges that every journalist must be able to face, including doubts about the authenticity and credibility of their own writing.

International marketing

Nowadays we are part of an open border system, as shown by the recent health crisis caused by the 2020 pandemic. As a result, international trade needs to comply with local customs, traditions and regulations. It is thus necessary to overcome language barriers, developing new cultural routes in order to build a better future.

Business reputation

Reputation is a key factor for public institutions, companies and organizations who wish to improve their reliability and the skills of their members and employees.

Learning programs

Human capital can represent an invaluable asset. Investing in human resources can positively affect the development and competitiveness of one’s business.

Editorial planning

An editorial plan can prove to be an essential tool in order to effectively plan and manage content.


Information is at the core of what we do. We strive to provide unbiased content, attempting to highlight the inherently interesting qualities of each news story. This is our method.


Providing thoroughly researched and verified information to the media for immediate dissemination is of the utmost importance to us. Espace Press can help you communicate more effectively by organizing meetings with communication workers, thanks to a strategy which combines phone calls, e-mails and meetings with journalists working for various newspapers.

Video interviews

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with a wide range of professionals, we can film interviews as well as events, meetings and press conferences, tying them together thanks to the unifying power of storytelling, thus achieving a truly unique result. This can be accomplished thanks to the joint effort of the professionals who make up the European Journalists and Communicators Union.

Press clipping

Through the daily press review, we pick out any publications which might be of interest to particular public institutions, companies and organizations so as to create a curated selection of articles and excerpts from various periodicals revolving around a particular theme or a specific quote.

A different point of view

We can offer an objective point of view to particular public institutions, companies or organizations, thus providing a new perspective which can complement that of the in-house communication expert; this can constitute a strategic as well as a practical advantage. Furthermore, we strive to actively support communication workers as they carefully edit television and radio reports. Moreover, books can constitute a valuable tool to translate into words and images any story that we wish to preserve. The ship of Espace Presse École Marengo thus navigates the sea of information in order to safely reach the harbor. Indeed, École Marengo can be considered as a training ship for those who wish to hone their skills in order to learn a trade.

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Marengo, via Delavo

Press office
Milano, via Montenapoleone, 8

Our offices

We recognize the importance of spaces where people can come together and learn, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Companies need to realize how spaces dedicated to learning and socialization can represent a competitive advantage, intelligere sicut moveri, that is “understanding the move”.

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