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Marengo is Longobard

”The Longobard origin is extended to the suffix engo of Marengo”: it was the voice of Barbara Ferrari guest at the cultural center of Marengo, Saturday, June 1, to reveal the novelty and, thus, accentuate the ancient aura of Marengo clarified by the medieval tower (1170) entitled to Queen Teodolinda of Letingia lineage. The audience has also been seduced by the shortlist of excerpts from the novel Frida written by the alexandrian author and transferred to the stage by the cultural association Isis and director Gianni Braggion: Cherima Fteita Firial liked the play.
”The agenda of ceremonies set up at the Villa Delavo – was added by councillor Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate for the Marengo pole – Province of Alessandria) – helps to remove the stones from oblivion”.
The crowd was amused by the wader strolling around the park of Marengo full of jesters and musicians, tools and ancient methods available to craftsmen at work to adjust weapons and helmets to warriors brave members of the historical associations Folet dla Marga, Fara di Belmonte, Guild of the White Crow gathered at the dance of shields and swords set up to simulate the duel opposite the pyramid.
The street food corner of local food (wine, truffles, honey, drinks, sweets, flour, gastronomy) has been enriched by ice cream taste Frida created to blend the nutrients produced in the early medieval era and the site described in the novel declined to the feminine.
The meeting was organized by the Ujce (Union of European Journalists and Communicators) together with social promotion associations “Between heart and mind” and “Lisondria ades”, sponsored by the Province of Alessandria, supported by the Municipality of Alessandria and the Centro servizi volontariato Alessandria e Asti.