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Madame Mère, Napoleon and the delicate spaghetti

Today is Mother’s Day: the idea of Don Otello Migliosi (Assisi, 23 March 1913 – 4 March 1996) has been resisting since 12 May 1957. The liaison ”mother – sons” investigated by psychoanalysis is also evident to Napoleon.
Oral tradition exposes this anecdote: the leader exiled on Elba island adored having lunch with the Italian noblewoman naturalized French Maria Letizia Ramolino (Ajaccio, 24 August 1750 – Rome, 2 February 1836) alias Madame Mère established at Casa Vantini near the Villa dei Mulini in Portoferraio to entertain the authorities and help the figures devoted to the exiled emperor.

Kindness of mind is contagious.

Madame Mère used to cook her son’s favorite spaghetti: the maternal love displayed by the unusual gesture for any aristocratic personality was appreciated by Napoleon, a tireless craftsman of his own and others’ fate, but conscious of savoring the joy revived by the echo of childhood.

The grace was also extended by the Umbrian priest who was able to confer solemnity to the anniversary already run only by the commercial aim.

No intention of diverting the emotions of others: the invitation is reduced to hold the fork, start the three-finger dance on the tang and enjoy the delicate spaghetti. Bon appetit! … ops … Bonne table!