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Bel canto, writers and religion. Re-enactors meet Peace at the Marengo camp

Historical re-enactment, bel canto, teen writers, religiosity: Saturday 4 and Sunday, May 5, 2024 the cultural center of Marengo will be the set to celebrate the grandeur of Napoleon I of France. The Cavalcade of Peace will begin Saturday morning at 9:30 from the farm of Torre Garofoli (formerly French Headquarters at the Battle of Marengo, 14 June 1800). The procession of trotting riders will be escorted by “Scuderia motorizzata di Marengo” on the trail of country paths to transfer to the Villa Delavo in Marengo the Convention of Alexandria (15 June 1800). The fusion of rock sound of motorcycles and the crackling of horse hooves will cross the countryside of Fraschéta already explored by the skirmishes of soldiers. “The biker club – said by Deputy Commissioner Claudio La Piana – members of the motoclub Polizia di Stato (Asti delegation) is proactive to promote effective connections on our territory”.
The award ceremony is the epilogue of “Marengo and bel canto in the world” (first edition) will take place at 21 at the auditorium: the audience will be seduced by the rose of sublime arias extracted from the opera Tosca by Giacomo Puccini and interpreted by the enchanting sound voice of Tomoko Okabe (soprano), Alberto Mastromarino (baritone), Piero Giuliacci and Valerio Perna (tenors) and Maestro Umberto Battegazzore at the piano. “The eye – it was the voice of Battegazzore (association Lyricum) – fell on the melodies suitable to enhance the liaison of Tosca and Marengo”. The link will be tempered by the pool of reenactors chosen to explode the fatal blow to the Bonapartist painter Mario Cavaradossi. The show is free and booking is suggested (3404636046 and 3355304775).

The honor picket in front of the statue of Napoleon First Consul will open the meeting on Sunday at 11 at the courtyard of honor at the Villa Delavo and then will be released the list of winners at the prize ”The pen of Napoleon”.

“The initiative by Unione Giornalisti e comunicatori europei (Ujce), European school of napoleonic re-enactors (Sern), Sisifo editor – it was asserted by the lawyer Massimo Taggiasco – and restricted to students aged <14-20> enrolled in schools in Italy is aimed at connecting youth to the writing and to epic grown on Marengo site”.
“The Province of Alexandria – reported by President Enrico Bussalino – is sensitive to the international brand Marengo: the recent restyling at the auditorium is inclined to the initiatives here run-in to propose culture through art, history, entertainment, the eco-sustainability”.
The Dominican theologian Angelo Bellon will illustrate the Catholicism lived by the Emperor of the French at the masterclass “The conversion of Napoleon”. The conference organized by the circle Santa Maria di Castello together with the Christian workers movement and Cathedra Alexandriae will begin at 15:30 at the auditorium. The suffrage to the fallen of Marengo will be offered at the Mass celebrated by the Dominican Father at 16:15 at the church to the ancient village defined by the Teodolinda tower.
“Marengo – was added by the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex) – transmits the territorial culture: the synergy of associations and volunteers is decisive”.