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General Andrea Rispoli at the Marengo cultural center

The General of the Army Corps Andrea Rispoli (Commander of forestry, environmental, agri-food – Carabinieri) was greeted by the civil authorities gathered at the Marengo museum: President Enrico Bussalino (Province of Alexandria)the provincial councilor Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate Polo di Marengo), the Mayor Giorgio Abonante. General Rispoli was taken to the shrine dedicated to the warriors of Marengo and opposite the model to hear the exact narration of the battle of Marengo reported by Dr Alberto Giambelli.

The guided visit by the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex) and Simonetta Marcialis (institutional PR for the Union of European Journalists and Communicators – Ujce) continued at the halls of Villa Delavo: General Rispoli was attracted by the selection of Napoleonic relics and relics transferred from the National Historical Museum of Artillery (Turin). The epilogue was embellished by the gift of books and the phrase ‘The history spread by culture adds well-being to the ecosystem’ uttered by the authoritative visitor.