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Giacomo Puccini joins Italy and France

Saturday, April 13 at 21:00 the wonderful music of Tosca will overwhelm the theater Alessandrino: Puccini’s melodrama devoted to librettists and set up by the Alexandrian director Massimo Bagliani will seduce the hall and the team of French tourists also expected at the Napoleonic museum in Marengo.

”Friday, April 12 the delegation of citizens of Coubon, village lapped by 45th parallel and twinned (2004) in Quargnento, – this was asserted by the Mayor Paola Porzio – will be welcomed at the international cultural center of Marengo by the committee to confirm the twinning”.
”The group – was added by Marshal Maurizio Sciaudone (Managing Director for the Polo di Marengo – Province of Alessandria) – will be taken to the museum to admire the exhibition of precious finds transferred from the National Historical Museum of Artillery (Turin). The selection features four white weapons (the swordsman, the saber for the main drum, two spears), eight flint-stone weapons (the dragon rifle and the infantry model, two rifles for the cavalry two pistols), three artillery pieces (Expert: ‘6’ Gribevaud howitzer, ‘8’ Valliere mortar, ‘8’ model piece), six prints (from uniforms to French pieces and Sardinian-Piedmontese triumph to the battle on the Assietta Hill)”.

”The melodrama – it was asserted by the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex) – is also Alexandrian: from the Te Deum of thanks for the débâcle of Napoleon to Marengo announced imprudence closes the first act of Tosca to Mario Cavaradossi, much loved by the singer Floria Tosca and painter like Carlo Carrà (Quargnento, 11 February 1881 – Milan, 13 April 1966). Cultural contagion is the force spread by collective intelligence: the discounted ticket to visit the museum in Marengo is guaranteed to music lovers delighted by the opera staged at the Alessandrino theatre to celebrate the century since the death of Giacomo Puccini (Lucca, 22 November 1858 – Brussels, 29 November 1924)”.
”The Marengo brand – was added by President Enrico Bussalino (Province of Alessandria) – expresses the vast area of Alessandria on the Italian set and the lever to pilot our Napoleonic site on the world’s proscenium”’.