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Tosca, Puccini, Marengo

The title combined with the prize organized (4 May 2024) at the cultural pole of Marengo was announced by Master Umberto Battegazzore and soprano Tomoko Okabe at the talk ”Puccini. The hundred years” set up at the ethnographic museum ”There was once” (Piazza Gambarina – Alessandria) managed by the honorary president Elena Garneri. The audience was seduced by the introduction of Alexandrian events designed to commemorate the first centenary of the departure of the famous composer from Lucca.
”Saturday, April 13, the wonderful music of Tosca – was added by director Massimo Bagliani – will overwhelm the Teatro Alessandrino: the room will be entertained by the performance devoted to librettists”.
”The lyrical drama – it was the gem of Piercarlo Fabbio – combines the dissimilar qualities of Luigi Illica, the playwright enrolled in Scapigliatura, and Giuseppe Giacosa, the playwright most influenced by naturalism. Giacosa, a Piedmontese journalist, was editor of the magazine La Lettura”.
”The Te Deum of thanksgiving – it was the synthesis of Ephrem Bovo – for the débâcle of Napoleon in Marengo announced by imprudence closes the first act of Tosca. The lyrical drama is, so, Alexandrian. Cultural contamination is the force spread by the intelligences”.
”The cosmic echo of Marengo – was the voice of Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the Polo di Marengo from the Province of Alessandria) – is the lever to pilot our Napoleonic site on the world’s proscenium”.

The meeting softened by the musical digression provided by soprano Elena Bakanova and pianist Raffaele Mascolo was set up at the venue chosen to exhibit paper dolls at the first traditional Japanese art show on Italian soil sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Milan, from the Japanese Cultural Center (Milan), from the foundation Italy – Japan. The exhibition of artisanal masterpieces surrounded by the curled kimono by master Akio Matuyama and his mother Noriko Maruyama, curated by the Yamato association and Juliet in Zena, was presented by the voice of Cristina Alves.
The talk set up by Cathedra Alexandriae (the aggregator unites since 2019 the Union of European Journalists and Communicators, the Christian Workers Movement and many associations to the educational proposal of ‘equal education’) has been enriched by Anna Cassiano’s off-programme with Lenci doll dressed in kimono to remember the Japanese tragedy of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly.