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History joins Tosca to Marengo

The operist Giacomo Puccini (Lucca, 22 December 1858 – Brussels, 29 November 1924) will be celebrated on Saturday, January 27 at 6pm at the ethnographic museum ”Once upon a time” (Gambarina square – Alessandria) curated by the honorary president Elena Garneri. The event ”Giacomo Puccini: 100 years” illustrated to the audience arose from the desire to aggregate the collective intelligence to break down the wall of communication.
The synergy of sensitive forces (Cherima Fteita Firial alias procureur at the European School for Napoleonic Re-enactors – Sern, Cathedra Alexandriae, Lisondria ades, CSI model) can cross the finish line.
The meeting will be softened by the musical digression prepared by the composer Umberto Battegazzore and soprano Tomoko Okabe. Opera music will also be appreciated at the awards ceremony scheduled on Saturday, May 4, 2024 at the Marengo auditorium.
The location was also chosen to set up the first traditional Japanese art exhibition of paper dolls in Italy. The expo sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Milan, by the Japanese Cultural Centre (Milan) from the foundation Italy – Japan is set up by Juliet in Zena and the association Yamato. ”The exhibition of artisanal masterpieces wrapped by kimono curled by master Akio Matuyama and his mother Noriko Maruyama – was the voice of Garneri – attracts tourists to the museum and honors the Land of the Rising Sun combined with Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly”.
”It was 2016 – intervened Efrem Bovo – and the joyful scream of Mario Cavaradossi induced by the news about the triumph of Napoleon in Marengo is thundered on the stage of 2.6 thousand replicas staged around the world: Saturday 13 April 2024 at the Teatro Alessandrino is expected the best drama of Puccini reread by director Massimo Bagliani”.
”The kinship – it was the cloister of Piercarlo Fabbio – united Baron Giulio Dionigi Baciocchi appointed Mayor of Alexandria (1805) by the Emperor of the French to General Felice Baciocchi (the Prince of Lucca and Piombino) husband of Elisa (sister of Napoleon)”.