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Marengo’s eagle and the palindrome anniversary

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We are at the end of 2023 and the Column with the Eagle of Marengo was raised in 1801. We are therefore in the 222 anniversary of the dedication of the Column to the victory of Napoleon of 14 June 1800. We are in front of a number “222” palindrome that by its nature can be read in both directions. It is a two-faced number that therefore includes opposite poles: white and black, right and left.

The history of Marengo is a continuous journey in the company of many friends, acquaintances, scholars and students, politicians and citizens. Everything is to discover and enhance as the history of our territory Alexandria, Piedmont. Marcel Proust wrote: “The true journey of discovery is not to find new territories but to possess other eyes”. The Column with the Eagle of Marengo is the symbol of Change, of rebirth and with this 222 anniversary from the pose on this field is a symbol of balance.

We’ve been through a pandemic, bravely moving forward to continue taking care of our things. Today we come back to see each other more assiduously enjoying the relationship between women and men who meet in person to witness a closeness of intent and a sharing of authentic talents that are not only evoked but recalled because between the fiction mediated by the media or film and reality there is an effort in the search for truth and authenticity that distinguishes fans from bored. We will continue on the path of passion for history, for the city of tomorrow and for a jolt and resurgence of humanism.