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Gazette de Marengo, yesterday and today

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Here is the renewed sheet to inform about the dynamism spread to the cultural center of Marengo and promote beauty: today the site already engraved by the Great Bataille (14 June 1800) and the French triumph crucial to remove the Habsburg yoke to Italy is adorned with the “belcanto” and literary competition, from restyling to symbols to convey historical memory.
The Gazette de Marengo was the first Alexandrian newspaper printed from 2 January 1810 to 30 June 1814: the French language was chosen to write the news of politics, variety, chronicle, science, new laws and decrees on the pro-government sheet, first twice a week and then three times a week, promoted by private entrepreneurs. The French printer Victor Alauzet, who arrived at the Fraschéta with Napoleon, started the printing business and then sold it to Luigi Capriolo, recruited by the only Alexandrian printer. The patent of authorized printer (November 7, 1811) to Luigi Capriolo and to Salvatore Rossi from the Prefect to the Department of Marengo abolished the exclusive privilege and encouraged Luigi Capriolo to promote the request to exhibit the ”Regie Armi’ to the printing works and on the letterhead to return the prestige to the company. Here you can download and print the Gazette de Marengo of social, digital and AI era.