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Napoleon, praise and criticism

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Ridley Scott’s film ”Napoleon”, released in Italian cinemas, was viewed yesterday by the group of friends (Polo di Marengo) gathered at Uci Cinemas in Alessandria. The film already screened outside Italy was overwhelmed by the hurricane of reviews: ”Ridley Scott’s best film”, ”bold, anarchist, imperfect”, ”there is the minuscule description of Napoleon antithetical to the majestic film reduction of mythical battles” to the tranchant views spread on the web. Has the director managed to blur the myth to reveal the man in love with Josephine despite the dark aura infused by the actor Joaquin Phoenix??
”The kolossal of Ridley Scott – was the analysis of Efrem Bovo (curator at the Marengo Complex) is silent about Italian Campaign and the coronation of Napoleon in Milan, but the toponym Marengo emerges from the list of six battles projected at the closure of the film 150′ and extracted from the list of 61 conflicts managed by the Corsica commander. The film is the fictional English film shot in England to compose the caricature on the memory of Napoleon and continue the british campaign to reduce the reputation of the Emperor of the French and Italy as well as postulator of peace and builder of Europe unpopular to the British also recently”.