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“Border daughter”: a daring novel

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”Peace – Virginia Farina said – is a delicate, scandalous, urgent word: today to talk about peace is bold. The etymology combines three words (stem, stylus, stele) to define the immobile entity. The Alpine ridge, already crossed by international trade coordinated by the indigenous, engraved on the debut novel “Frontier Daughter'”, is alive and lapped by the procession of clandestine nomads to escape from the gendarmes. The ancient mountain code stipulates to protect those who are lost and, so, the old alpine guard Touni rescues the newborn and abandoned in Barmes, the border village perched on the Western Alps and challenged by the indigenous population thinned, by the transit of desperate and rejected migrants on the border at Ventimiglia. The child black frontier escaped from the lethal hardships to the mother arrived on the French side, so, to tame the frost but the native community settled in the high altitude village is divided: there are those who are inclined to protect life and those who prefer to punish clandestinity. The man moved by the courage exhibited by the gesture, huge or tiny, is crossed by the sap of future and peace like contaminated grass stems and, therefore, effective to nourish and regenerate the soil’.
The sharp prose enhances the anthropic odyssey imbued with rustic fragrance (hay and manure).