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Citadel of Alexandria on the way to Peace

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”Ignorance is the worst enemy also for peace”: the incisive incipit was responsible for the description on the project of heritage community “Citadel of Alexandria, Lighthouse of Peace in Europe” by Anna Marotta, professor at the department of architecture and design (Politecnico di Torino) and author of hundreds of research on the structure of strongholds.

“Culture – Marotta said – is the legacy of resources merged by the Convention of Faro (Council of Europe) to the isolated and collegial responsibilities of actions aimed at transmitting values, knowledge, traditions. The transdisciplinary method from war to peace is applied to concrete works to transmit historical heritage and disseminate sharing and brotherhood. The Citadel of Alexandria is the document-monument (history connects the Alexandrian anthology of methods for defence to the Napoleonic triumph in Marengo): the historical-scientific value driven by the vigour of knowledge, conservation, enhancement can combine the military fort to the international cultural idea spread by the Alexandrian identity. The birth of physical and virtual walks at the Citadel of Alexandria is aimed at the growth of cultural tourism and to connect the eighteenth-century stronghold to the intra-European ring of 130 bastions”.

The epilogue was embellished by the sentence reproduced on the monitor. ”To inform, know, understand, share, respect can be agreed with Gandhi when he said that time will pass before we see the law of love adopted in international affairs but if we want to save ourselves and make a significant contribution to the progress of the world we must walk with determination on the way of peace”.