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Honey is the ancient and perpetual solution

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”The added value of honey – Elia Ranzato (University Amedeo Avogadro – Eastern Piedmont) said – is great. The liquid was used to treat bacterial infections then cured by penicillin discovered in the twentieth century: honey contains hydrogen peroxide and, In this way, it can narrow the scar on the already injured skin”.
”Eternal harmony – the researcher Simona Martinotti (Amedeo Avogadro University) stated – flows from man to bees always indomitable to remain also on the bodies embalmed in Ancient Egypt and on the sacred scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Peace defines the hive, that is, the community destined to protect the queen bee: the substance produced by the social insect to escape winter is shared by man to improve the diet. No microorganism attacks honey: the mixture of glucose, fructose, sugars kept by milk, water (20%), mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, is defended from hydrogen peroxide.
The therapeutic properties of each type of honey suggest fusion to accelerate the regenerative process to the skin: the in-depth analysis of healing mechanisms for wounds has been extended to propolis processed by bees in the hive. Honey has also been investigated to oppose the eco-friendly choice to the production, nowadays contaminated, of biomaterials: the green practice is essential to protect the social insect and man”.