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Bees, sentinels of biodiversity to feed the whole of humanity

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Bees to care for the environment and man: the synthesis emerged at the meeting ”Steli di Pace’, requires timely action to reduce the cataclysm of today nourished by anthropogenic and generalized voracity. The perpetual concert of virtuous habits extended to eco-friendly practices to protect the ecosystem can improve the quality of life on Earth.
”The biomonitoring performed by bees – was exposed by beekeeper Giacomo Acerbi European leader for the selection and reproduction of queens Buckfast bees – is correct. The pollination created by the bees of each hive to produce five hundred grams of honey covers five million of flowers distributed over the extended area four square kilometers and, Thus, it is possible to monitor anthropogenic practices’. The extinction of wild bees descended from the abuse of arsenic and copper insecticide affected the United States of America from 1881 to 1930. Each gram of pesticide kills 25 million bees and the intoxicated social insect lost its orientation to return to the hive. ‘The extinct insect – it was the Acerbi kiosk – also from climate warming and restricted biodiversity is, Today, only risen from the work managed by the beekeeper. The wonderful paradox exalts, moreover, the social purpose combined with agriculture: pollination defines the choice of food at 70% and, thus, nourishes the sovereignty and food security to escape the desert on the table’.