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Education discussed at the Marengo auditorium

The school and the territorial institutions unite in order to guarantee the dosed education on the vast area alexandrina (35 comprehensive institutes and 15 high schools)The climate of cooperation emerged from the meeting of school managers and municipal and provincial administrators set up at the Marengo auditorium to examine the three-year program decided by the Piedmont Region.
”The forecast – was declared by President Enrico Bussalino (Province of Alessandria) – to reorganize the fifth Alexandria teaching circle from the next school year and then to combine the teaching direction of Valencia to the comprehensive school – extols the solidarity of two Alexandrian zonal centers prone to deprivation to ensure the school activity Mountain and marginal municipalities for the next three years except the demographic deficit”. The Provincial Administration also spoke for Maurizio Sciaudone (Managing Director for the Polo di Marengo) together with officials Antonio Santopietro (public education) and Roberta Bocchino (roads, heritage, education, transport) to contribute to the work entrusted to the managers Laura Bergonzi (regional school office for Piedmont) and Maurizio Primo Carandini (comprehensive institute ”Paul and Rita Borsellino” of Valencia) and extended to the mayors of Alexandria.
”The derogation – was added by President Enrico Bussalino – to safeguard the underpowered school circle helps to revive the area inhabited by the school and, so, I decided to promote the ad hoc request for 65 municipalities of Alessandria”.