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Alessandro Manzoni and Divine Providence

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Rediscovered Catholicism fell on the famous pages written by the poet Alessandro Manzoni: the Milanese author seduced by faith wrote five Sacred Hymns (Christmas, the Passion, the Resurrection, in Name of Mary, the Pentecost) from 1812 to 1823. The poetry imbued with Christian principles has spread to the Civil and Patriotic Odes (April 1814, the proclamation of Rimini, March 1821, the May Five alias the lyric composed to commemorate Napoleon on the day of his death). The historical novel ‘I promessi sposi” exalts the indispensable Divine Providence to help the man challenged by the destiny already written. The story of Renzo and Lucia was inscribed in the seventeenth century covered by moral decline to emphasize the chance of redemption given by God to the Lombard people oppressed by Spanish domination. The effigy of Manzoni also appears on the Poste Italiane stamp issued (22 May 2023) to celebrate 150 years since his death and propagate the culture reduced to a few square centimetres and enrich the collection spread from 1923 to 1973. The last issue was accompanied by a special philatelic cancellation. The marcofilia was extended to the philatelic exhibition ”Alessandro Manzoni and 5 May” set up in Pordenone: the stamp combines the Milanese novelist and the emperor Napoleon I of France.