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Segati draws Marengo for Montecarlo Gastronomie

Alessandro Segati, born in 1991, owner of Alphasigma, graduated at the European Institute of Design and holder of the Master at Blockchain Elite which has the most complete and advanced course on Blockchain technology in Italy, is the subject most appropriate to express an opinion about Montecarlo Gastronomie demonstration to be held in the Monegasque capital from November 24 to 27, 2023.

“Montecarlo Gastronomie – says Segati – could promote Alessandria’s land excellent products. Our municipalities can join forces to seize this chance”. interest from a tourist point of view”. Alessandro Segati draft the Marengo Gastronomie logo. “I used – says Segati – the recognizable elements of the Marengo mast and I translated it all into a mascot: a cook combined with a soldier. In order to remove the negative meaning of the second and the battle and turn it into a positive value, I draft this figure who holds in his hand a Marengo chicken alias our spearhead menu. I also try to rejuvenate the style. My idea was welcome”