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Costa cruises and more… the best menus at Gambarina

Yesterday was inaugurated the menus collection from the marvelous cruise ships from the 1920s to the 1980s in an era that embraced two terrible wars but was a sign of the resilience of the wealthy class that could not let itself be dominated. Giordano Bovo (“Lisondria ades“) introduced Marco Biorci, a collector also known for his Marengo models, for a journey through the model ships on display, most of them from Costa Crociere, at the Gambarina Museum until September 13. Cristiana De Giglio (founder of the Sweet Dolls group and Burlesque news chef journalist), cuter choreography gave lively marinarettes. And so you can like menus such as a 1984 Captain’s Gala Lunch or a 1974 Exposition Gastronomique on Costa ships, or a “Città di Alessandria” motor-ship ferry in service until 1957 between Civitavecchia and Barcelona, ​​branded with the name of the city of the hat because – says Biorci – “because a ship named Alessandria was a great brand… the city of style, of Borsalino, a hat in the world!”