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Italy will share from Calabria

“Italy will start again from Calabria”: the assertion of Oscar Gastaldi (marketing expert and dedicated to the most famous Calabrian companies) is the authoritative synthesis to exhibit the socio-cultural dowry spread everywhere and always by the population of Calabria origin.

“The multifaceted figure of Fedele Micò – added by his daughter Caterina – exalts the dynamism aimed at the socio-economic rise. It was the year 1961 and father emigrated from the province of Catanzaro to the city of Alexandria to offer opportunities for better growth to the family worked at the factory Montecatini (Solvay Solexis) in Spinetta Marengo without stopping the profession of photographer. The grit was the prelude to the small shop opened to satisfy the clientele of dancers, schools, colonies. The artistic inspiration also arose from the drafting of a thousand poems announced the birth of Radio Centrale 2000 (Alexandria, 1976): the free broadcaster also inserted on the native land was the megaphone to promote entrepreneurship in Calabria and bring the user to the mass-media and interactive communication. The political story of Dad was extended to the presidency at the City Council of Alexandria”.

“The historical heritage-immense cultural – so it has been asserted by the journalist Arcangelo Badolati – guarded by our land soaked in blood by ‘ndrine exalts the hidden wonder of every site known to the international news only for the criminal infiltration. Calabria is dotted with archaeological sites perpetuated by Homeric myth in addition to the wisdom poured on the history of humanity. The list drawn up by Greek and Byzantine antiquity embraces lawmakers, urbanisti, artisti, condottieri, filosofi, atleti, eremiti, pontefici eletti all’origine per il Cristianesimo, Nosside (the poet comparable to Sappho), the emperor Cesare Ottaviano Augusto, Zaleuco da Locri (the first legislator of humanity). The heart of famous archaeologists and glottologists stimulated by scientific curiosity has been kidnapped by the ancient traces kept by Calabria. The volume “Calabria of wonders” is moved by my desire to illustrate the effigy fruitful alternative to the news report black narrated for three decades in the newspaper “La Gazzetta del Sud” and on the pages of twenty books written to study the Italian criminal phenomenology. The impulse was induced by the visit of Pope Francis to Cassano allo Jonio (2014) opposite the 250 thousand faithful: here the pontiff excommunicated evil. The phrase “The ‘ndranghetisti are out of communion with God” urged the clergy to deny marriages, funerals, confirmations, baptisms to criminals affiliated with the mafia. This semantic, lexical, cultural and religious miracle has blossomed on the land of Calabria”.

Energy perpetuated on the locus lapped by culture (Marengo is the heart of the vast area stretched from the Ligurian Apennine offshoot to the Po plain pressed by the traveling crowd on the streets Marenche created to connect Liguria to Piedmont and Europe and then by the Napoleonic triumph) can nourish the spirit and soothe the nagging of the man involved by the cyclical moral question.