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È nata the kitchen brigade of Marengo

Joy and delight at the Orangerie at the castle of Piovera: the new “Piatto d’oro di Marengo” was the cradle for the Brigade de Cuisine de Marengo newborn to promote the Alexandrian gastronomic art descended from the Napoleonic grandeur and, Thus, propose fragrant delights of heroic history to induce conversation.

The cuisine defined by the complicity of two teams, Santachiara di Tortona and Ciofs of Alexandria, veterans of the introductory maneuvers at the stove was recognized by the ex-aequo expressed by the table of ten jurors: Alessandro Calvi of Bergolo (Castello di Piovera), Cherima Fteita Firial (Amici museo d’Arte Orafa Valenza), Gai, Nosenzo, Francesco Bonaccorsi (Ordine Cavalieri delle Terre di Asti e di Monferrato), Massimo Berengan (Onav), Gianfranco Cagnina (Anag), Rosanna Stirone (Monferrato to & travel), Elia Ranzato and Simona Martinotti (Amedeo Avogadro University – Piemonte Orientale).

The cooperation exhibited at the fires by the students led by the teacher chefs Domenico Spinelli and Massimo Cuccu was extended to the room waiters supported by the directors Cristina Montagnoli and Maria Marcinnò: the concert was the icing on the cake and violet ice cream offered by the agrigelateria “La Pederbona”.

The Pollo alla Marengo (alias the victory dish indicated by the gastronomic literature) reread by the expertise of young cooks was appreciated by the diners gathered to celebrate the Convention of Alexandria (15 June 1800) or the peace agreement led to the French headquarters in Torre Garofoli, finished by the autograph of Napoleon and then transmitted to Emperor Franz Joseph (Holy Roman Empire) installed in Vienna.

The convivium proposed by Ujce (Union of European Journalists and Communicators) and set up at the location offered by Count Nicolò Calvi of Bergolo was enhanced by the energetic statement “Culture is the new engine for our economy” pronounced by the delegate Maurizio Sciaudone (Polo di Marengo e Ambiente – Provincia di Alessandria). The contribution of specialized voices of green economy (Y3K) and reenacting has been invaluable to convey history and propagate unarmed defense for the environment and culture of peace.