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Rijeka, Marengo and the novel by Luigi Vatta

Thursday at 18 the lawyer Luigi Vatta will be at the Marengo auditorium to illustrate the novel “River. The saga of the legionaries of Gabriele d’Annunzio”. The Turin author is expected to narrate the pages lit by the riddle of love and deception reaching the “Christmas of Blood” that is the battle of rival legionaries to the Royal Army. 12 September 1919: The Great War is interrupted by ten months and the Pescara poet leads the armed assault on the Adriatic city of Rijeka claimed by Italy and Yugoslavia. The “Holy Entrance” unites the hundreds of deserters soldiers to the order to lay down their arms to the libertarian proposal of artists, writers, politicians to start the revolution of international scope and cover the dishonor induced by the mutilated victory.

The Napoleonic epic connects the site of Marengo to the Croatian city: the bronze Gallic eagle is hoisted on the granite stele opposite the Villa Delavo. The obelisk was inaugurated (14 June 1801) at the junction of roads to Savona and Tortona to honor the French triumph in Marengo and the request exposed by the Municipality of Alessandria and Baron Giulio Baciocchi and then transferred (1814) to the Tersatto district of Fiume. The stone bearing the eagle alias the heraldic allegory from the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne was made to the historical site (1922) by the military authority framed on the ground adjacent to the borders of Italy redefined by the peace following the Great War.