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Pauline’s enigma, restless and inflexible

On Thursday at 6pm Bruno Volpi will be at the Marengo auditorium to speak at the talk “Le sfumature di Paolina Bonaparte”. The Alexandrian author is expected to analyze the investigation by volunteers Gaia Neri and Sara Vellucci enrolled in the universal civil service promoted at the cultural hub of Marengo. The stereotypical biography combines lust and tenacity with Napoleon’s younger sister. ” Each veil can fall in front of Canova,” exclaimed the Bonaparte family’s favourite daughter to cover the cycle of nudity sculpted by the neoclassical artist. Pauline’s eternity lives in the 

aolinamasterpiece inspired by the goddess Venus victorious over the judgment of Paris. The extra-marital flirting soothed Paolina’s boredom in front of the two weddings: the violinist Nicolò Paganini was seduced by the femme fatale softened by her feminine silhouette and ivory skin. The princess inclined to the sumptuousness of court, however, was the spy devoted to her brother, exiled on the island of Elba: the moral support granted to the joint is also shown by the failed attempt to reach the emperor in Santa Elena. The event is included in the calendar “Thursday at Marengo”.