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Mongin appoints Bovo honorary member of Cercle Napoleon

Gerard Mongin’s visit (president of Cercle Napoleon) to Villa Delavo was enriched by the epilogue: the honorary membership card for Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager).

Cercle Napoleon is the transnational association based in Montpellier: Joachim Murat is the honorary president and cousin of Pierre Murat alias the prince who has already intervened in official ceremonies set up at the Marengo cultural center to commemorate the Napoleonic saga. 

 Cercle Napoleon is active on French soil together with thousands of followers to transmit the grandiose history of Napoleon and contemporary heroes who emerged at local and global levels: the target is pursued by the schedule of meetings related to the Napoleonic epic, by joining the pedagogical offer for school, by liaison of symbolic sites of Napoleonic memory. The partnership between the Cultural Hub of Marengo and Cercle Napoleon has been defined: President Mongin will compose the teaching staff (screening in progress together with diplomatic treaties) for the European School of Napoleonic Reenactors (Sern) promoted by Ujce (Union of European Journalists and Communicators). The collaboration is also aimed at bringing together Italian and French students at events to study history set up from France to Italy, at re-evaluating music and singing, fabrics and period costumes worn by civilians, exchanging old-fashioned gastronomic recipes and selected wines.

At ten o’clock (May 9, 1821), on St. Helena, Abbot Ange Paul Vignali celebrated Mass in front of only French people: the English arrived at eleven. The coffin covered by the blue mantle, worn in Marengo, and by the sword placed by General Henri-Gatien Bertrand was carried on shoulder by twelve grenadiers and laid on the funeral carriage located on the avenue to the garden of Longwood house. The episode was commemorated by Gerard Mongin’s visit to Marengo.