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Riders and bikers, the analogy in Marengo

The noisy procession of twelve motorcycles registered Polizia di Stato (Asti delegation) landed
yesterday at the cultural Hub of Marengo: the tour held at the first Napoleonic museum was
appreciated by bikers fascinated by Efrem Bovo’s voice (Ujce – Union journalists and European
communicators) spread to narrate Bonaparte’s heroism.
The plain of Fraschéta, already crossed by skirmishes of soldiers and the crackle of horse’s hooves,
was crossed by the rock sound of twelve motorcycles, some branded by the iconic brand Harley
Davidson, synonymous with elite and power ideal for travel on the roads. The tour was extended to
the ossuary dedicated to the brave fallen in Marengo and to the valuable bust dedicated to the
French General Louis Desaix, an essential strategist for the French triumph at the Grand Bataille (14
June 1800).
The biker group has been proactive in search of effective connections to collaborate and promote
the “mission” of Ujce: to convey the great story to excite the population to propose virtuous social
practices. The affinity of figures united to different centuries is resounding. The anxiety of speed
unites the rider to the biker: the steed is the old vehicle for fast transport then replaced by the
motor car. The collective ritual image also portrays the councillor Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate for
the Hub of Marengo – Province of Alessandria).