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Astana and Marengo, chess capitals

Today April 30, 2023 Ding Liren is the world chess champion: he is the first Chinese in the history of his country to win the title. At the same time as the Marengo auditorium in Spinetta, the third edition of the Italian chess championship (promotion series C) between the Piedmontese teams of Alessandria, Novi Ligure, Acqui Terme, Asti, Novarese, VCO.

Alessandria won. The full score was built by the team of players Iacopo Pernigotti (class 2012), Nicolò Carradori (1990), Ezio Guerci (1954), Pino Rapetti (1969), Mauro Baruscotti (president of Circolo Scacchisti Alessandria) and Giovanni Madurini.

“32 people simultaneously engaged and 20 reserves – says Dario Gemma co-organizer of the spring challenge among the athletes of 64 white and black squares – for a spectacular live tournament in Marengo with a prestigious and welcoming venue with a great staff”.

The site of Bonaparte’s victory over the Austrians is the ideal place to commemorate Napoleon, a great chess enthusiast. On the other hand, the Corsican General excelled in mathematics at the military school and, so, could not but love the game of strategy par excellence: chess.

On Saturday of the current challenge, quietly appeared the President Enrico Bussalino (Province of Alessandria) and the Councillor Maurizio Sciaudone (provincial delegate to the Hub of Marengo) who were able to congratulate the referee Brunetto Casalini for the accuracy and care of the regularity of the challenge. The referees are identified directly by the Italian Chess Federation (FSI) established in 1920 in Varese.