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Napoleon’s endless appeal

“The Pozzolese area – as was articulated by the institutional speech reported by Mayor Domenico Miloscio at the meeting hosted at the municipal headquarters in Pozzolo Formigaro – was crossed by the Napoleonic campaigns of Italy: the base of operations presided over by General Aleksandr Suvorov to coordinate the Austro-Russian army enrolled in the anti-French alliance was set up at our castle”.

The room filled and decorated with memorabilia, curated by the team of historical re-enactors “59éme demi-brigade de ligne” installed at the cultural hub of Marengo, was seduced by the narrative on the epic of protagonists loyal to the corsican leader: from the French General Barthelemy Joubert fallen at the Battle of Novi and perpetuated by the monument exposed at Basaluzzo, to Bourg en Bresse, Pont de Vaux, and the sodals transferred to the Saint Helena island to participate in the last exile.

“The Napoleonic epic – added Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) – insists on the vast area extended from Liguria to Milan. Every town in Alessandria is central and holds gems of history linked to the figure of Napoleon. The format is proposed by the international hub of Marengo and the Province of Alexandria to propagate the cultural tradition and, thus, attract tourism to our beautiful lands: the electric car Tesla (Y3K) guarantees eco-sustainability to our trips”.