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Freedom on the wings of eco-sustainability

The ‘green’ consciousness has flourished since the last decades and the grandeur of two actors sensitive to the social question: our journey from the Napoleonic museum of Villa Delavo in Marengo to the laboratory attached to Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo’s house unites the stories separated by three centuries to promote culture and excite the community to transmit virtuous social practices. The transfer from the countryside of Fraschéta to the hills of Tortona took place on the Tesla and the van (two electric cars registered Y3K, the leading company for eco-mobility and energy transition) to honor the Earth Day (22 April) celebrated by the UN on the prescribed deadline of 31 days from the spring equinox concluded in the northern hemisphere. The balance defended by the educational event promoted today by almost two hundred States exalts the urgency of taking care of the endowment of natural resources available on the earth to safeguard social peace.

Elisa Giardini (Mayor of Volpedo) led the group piloted by the journalist Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) together with the director Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the hub of Marengo and the Environment – Province of Alessandria) and the director Massimo Taggiasco (Alessandria24) to visit the living heart of the area also renowned for the cultivation of peaches with yellow and white pulp.

The speaker seduced the audience gathered at the mansion inhabited by the volpedese artist and adorned by the atelier furnished with sketches and figures of relatives (parents, wife, sister), silhouettes descended from the artistic study on the anatomy of men and beasts, tools for effigy.

“The fourth state” (1901) alias Pellizza’s work raised to the allegory of the workers’ question and the second industrial revolution can unite the Divisionist painter attracted by social problems with Napoleon. The Napoleonic Empire extended to Europe the heritage of freedom inherited from the French Revolution: the social lift instituted by the revolutionary leap (sociopolitical, cultural or industrial) was promoted on the oil-painted canvas and by Bonaparte’s diplomacy. ” The analogy – commented Bovo – induces to collaborate in order to construct the multifaceted offer and to promote to the foreign tourists  the best initiatives on the vast alexandrine area: the design union is a bearer of economic growth and international credit for our territory marked by heroes consecrated by history”.