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Summing up at Marengo, the multibrand seduces Europe

The tourist package to suggest visitors to stay on the territory of Alessandria: the futuristic target was suggested by the team of authorities and entrepreneurs gathered at the meeting “Summarizing” set up at the Marengo auditorium.

The design union linkes the vision of exceptional testimonial for the growth of companies on the vast area around the Napoleonic site to the heroic Napoleon’s epic to build the multifaceted offer and promote the best initiatives on our territory.

“The direction booth – declared the tour operator Rosanna Stirone (Monferrato to taste and travel) – is also essential to compose the agenda and reduce the parochialism combined with events (food and wine, historical and cultural). The appeal of two Italian brands (Borsalino and Marengo) is enormous abroad but the scarcity of subsidies granted by the Public Administration diminishes the initiative carried out by the Alexandrian tourist operators”.

“The management – as has been added by the director Cristiano Massaia (Monferrato on stage) – has been essential to perfect the music festival and other events offered in Monferrato. Today the super kitchen Brigata Monferrato monitored by the chef Federico Ferrero (winner of Masterchef 2014) provides any type of food and wine service at the event enriched with Marengo wine bubbles. The structure was built on the synergy created by Proloco and local administrations of Monferrato”.

“The Provincial Authority – asserted the councilman Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the Environment and to the Hub of Marengo – Province of Alexandria) can transmit the news on the events managed from the alexandrine communal administrations to the tour operator in order to reveal the site of Marengo to the vast interregional area and Europe”.

The collaboration is also expected by the Marengo Museum coordinated by the City of Alessandria and the local tourist company Alexala.

The communication is strategic to promote the Marengo brand: the daily Alessandria24 directed by the lawyer Massimo Taggiasco provides the echo on the web to the initiatives set up at the Hub of Marengo.

“The praying dancer expresses – it was Fabio Chiavolini’s (PARETANĀU) synthesis  – the cohesive symbol for the Alexandrian territory: the ancient Ligurian origin connects the archaic identity of 4 thousand years to the beating heart of Piedmont in the center of the pre-European area”.

Today, hotel accommodation is linked to management rather than tourism and, therefore, the planning phase is indispensable. The project “Ways to travel” moves from the myth of Napoleon to combine the tourist offer of Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy (from Monferrato to the lakes of the Alps and Apennines and the Bormida valley, from Alessandria to Loano). The offer is delicious: tourists can enjoy those ”kisses” of Marengo, packaged since 1990 at the bar Roma at Spinetta.

“The Marengo brand – as Prince Pierre Murat stated (a member of the French Empire’s nobility) – has grown and today is valued by the transnational extension”.

“My recent official visit to the international cultural Hub of Marengo – was the François Revardeaux’s statement (Consul General of France in Milan) is known to high school students enrolled in French schools in Italy: the dynamism of this site aimed at promoting our history is worthy of publicity to students”.

“Ville Imperiale – said Jérôme Pardigon – is the brand operating since 2011 to unite the areas crossed by the myth of Napoleon and create the route built on the events proposed by the associated cities (from Nice to Biarritz, from Fontainebleau to Waterloo, from Saint Helena to Marengo). The Marengo mount gives the emblem of victory to the international brand”.

The Marengo brand is flexible and suitable to bring together the variety of events: from the educational farm to the ring for endurance riding set up at the Pederbona estate, from gourmet food and wine to the “Bistrot” restaurants in Alessandria and “I due buoi” at the Guazzo Candiani villa in Olivola to the hospitality guaranteed by the Alexandrian hotels “Alli due buoi rossi” and “Lux”, from the native site of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo to the classic festival “Sut la cupola” of Camagna Monferrato.

“Reenacting – was Andrea Puleo’s statement (General Staff of the reenactor team “27éme division militaire”) – transmits the soul to the museum of precious relics: the re-enactor studies history, the customs, uniforms and tools to move the pills of the past from the book to the grandiose ceremonies and move tourism: the appeal of the events held in Loano (30 thousand spectators per day) and in Paris (160 thousand visitors) was also sponsored by public institutions”.

“The Battle of Marengo (14 June 1800) – said Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) – is the highlight reproduced by the first modern historical re-enactment: the pearl of living history set up on Sunday 5 May 1805 on the wooded plateau of Fraschéta cheered the Emperor and his bride Joséphine to the Alexandrian stage on the way to Milan for the coronation of Napoleon to King of Italy. Today the team “59éme demi-brigade de ligne” led by Captain Lorenzo Bernini is established at the cultural Hub of Marengo, site chosen to set up the European School for Napoleonic re-enactors”.

“The association “Open Castles” brings together forty noble houses located on Piedmont soil. The idea studied and inserted in the physical space – was Alessandro Calvi’s conclusion – is the genesis for the events (solidarity, fantasy, holistic) repeated every year at the castle of Piovera. The annual frequency can be combined with the event “Piatto d’oro di Marengo” designed to combine the recipes of the Napoleonic era typical of our territory to genuine local products and, so, lay the royalty on food sovereignty. The list of gatherings at the castle of Piovera is proposed on Sunday to accommodate families from Piedmont and Lombardy: the exchange of news curated by industry operators can stimulate the supply chain and develop the tourist package throughout the weekend”.