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Marengo, to win hacking

Our territory is equipped with good professionals to ensure civil coexistence and peace: the synthesis emerged from the talk “Cyber Security and GDPR. Emerging threats, cutting-edge solutions” held at the Marengo auditorium.

“Cyber Security – said Mr Enzo Amich (member of the Committee for Legislative Proposals against Digital Piracy created by the parliamentary committees Culture and Telecommunications) – helps to protect the space inserted between the elements natural (earth, water, fire, air, ether). The policy can grasp and promote the concrete actions spread throughout the province also through the hearing of B4Web in the Chamber”.

Today, the preventive strategy to protect information from digital piracy requires education to timely advice: the training transmitted by the professional is essential along with the contiguous and continuous garrison to damaged structures.

“It is appropriate to provide assistance to territorial administrations: the training activity – as added by President Enrico Bussalino (Province of Alessandria and Union Provinces of Italy -Piedmont) – is essential to educate operators and ensure, Thus, data protection and efficiency to services managed by local authorities”.

Italy is anchored to the sixth position on the world ranking for the attack of gangsters on servers: this can destabilize society and the economy (from the operating theatres blocked to the huge damage suffered by the production sector).

“It is essential – it was Federico Lamborizio’s statement (B4Web) – to discover the flaw to precede the hackers and define the solution. Our twenty year brand provides web solutions, software house, it consulting, cyber security (from the operations center and through the cyber team responsible for remediation)”.

“The penalty for the omitted protection of sensitive data (GDPR) – was Alessandro Simonassi’s message  (PI COMPUTERS, the Alexandrian brand of IT consulting operating since 1993) – falls on the company and affects (4%) the gross turnover. Today data protection is also promoted by the traceability of usual technological equipment (from smartphone to car)”.

“The ad hoc strategy – was Maurizio Sciaudone’s contribution (delegate to the Hub of Marengo – Province of Alexandria) is nodal to defeat the sneaky enemy”.

“The ability – commented Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) – of professionals installed here by us protects the civil society of Alexandria. Desaix’s timeliness was decisive for the French triumph at the Battle of Marengo: the French general heard the echo of cannonade and ordered the turnaround from Novi to precede the Habsburg opponent”.