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Genius loci, from Monferrato to Marengo

“Genius Loci –  Afternoons in the Monferrato villages “, the idea promoted by the ecomuseum “Pietra da Cantoni” to enhance Monferrato, is concrete from 2012 and on Thursday at 5 pm at the Marengo auditorium it will be illustrated by the tour guide Anna Maria Bruno. The talk, moderated by the director Massimo Taggiasco (Alessandria24), will show the well-established and valid format to show the background of each Monferrato country.

Every year is set up the agenda of visits on Sunday and the afternoon to the chosen sites managed by the licensed tour guide together with the most navigated personalities scattered throughout the territory: the winter period, defined by the small cultural offer, has been chosen to offer a free participation to tourists wishing to enjoy the historical and artistic heritage. The meeting is combined with the “Thursday at Marengo” calendar promoted by the Province of Alexandria together with the Cathedra Alexandriae and Ujce (Union of European Journalists and Communicators).