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Culture for Alexandrian identity and economic development: “Marengo 4.0&”

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What is the deepest and most suitable cultural identity to promote the economic growth of the territory of Alessandria?

Thursday at 5 pm at the Marengo Auditorium the “ethical managers” of PARETANĀU (Third Sector Institution dedicated to using culture, finance and research to build the Alexandrian cultural identity and promote economic development) and the Cultural Hub of Marengo will illustrate “Marengo 4.0”.

The innovative project uses culture (expressed eminently through music, because the identity contained in sound and song is explosive and and combines the ancient Ligurian pre-Indo-European roots of our territory to the contemporaneity) to build the economic development of the Alexandrian territory.

Ancient Europe was united by a single pre-European language and the ancient Ligurian people occupied the western Mediterranean belt: still the cultural heritage is extended to the Italian territory of Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily, as well as to all the French Midi, Catalonia, Valencia.

The project embodies the effort to spread the idea of a strong and united Europe, welcoming yet imbued with proud identity.

Even General Napoleon Bonaparte, who was well aware of these roots, tried to recreate their unity since 1796, when Provençal and Occitan army, led by the Corsican leader born on an island saturated with ancient Ligurian civilization, conquered first Liguria and then Piedmont and northern Italy.

And here too the destiny of the First Consul Bonaparte was forged: in Marengo.

The destiny of a Territory that crosses time – from protohistory to Napoleonic modernity, to contemporaneity and the future – to present an identity that is always present but, until now, has not been recovered.

The identity of a united Europe, of which Piedmont was the center and the Alexandrian territory the beating and archetypal heart.