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Art in Marengo: analysis and hypothesis

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“It is appropriate to rationalize the space inherent in the chosen location to set up art exhibitions: this leads to enhance the artistic offer. It is necessary to stimulate interest in order to attract visitors”. The meeting “Contemporary spirituality: how to design and set up an exhibition” was opened by the vigorous assertion of Rino Tacchella. “Marengo’s international cultural hub – added by the curator of remarkable exhibitions planned on Italian soil – is ideal for hosting cultural events: the flow of tourists is guaranteed by the optimal location and the huge space (the museum and the green park of villa Delavo, parking for cars)”.

In addition, the analysis was conducted by the lawyer Massimo Taggiasco (director Alessandria24) to the management induced by the exposure. ” Planning (from the choice of title and works to the structured exhibition process) – was reported by the authoritative voice of Tacchella – is necessary to the drafting of loan card for the exhibited works and estimate for insurance coverage, the drafting of texts and the choice of photographs for explanatory panels, catalogue, invitations, leaflets, posters, press releases. Transportation of masterpieces can require an air-conditioned van”.

“The ancient-modern oxymoron – commented Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary mananger) – paired with the plain of Marengo, formerly Curtis regal Lombard then tightened by the militias of Napoleon and Von Melas, can charm young artists‘ contemporary art”. The agreement was expressed by the curator Rino Tacchella.