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Tacchella docet

Art critic Rino Tacchella is expected on Thursday 16 at 5 pm at the Marengo auditorium. He was the curator of exhibitions dedicated to the artists orbiting the Alexandrian territory (Giuseppe Pellizza, Pietro Morando, Antonio De Luca, Carlo Carrà) and painters Andy Warhol, Vasily Kandinsky, Renato Guttuso. The conference “Contemporary spirituality: how to design and set up an exhibition” will revolve around the sacredness expressed by artists of different currents and the influence extended to content and aesthetics, symbols and canonical materials.

The lawyer Massimo Taggiasco (director Alessandria24) will lead the meeting associated with the calendar “Thursday at Marengo” promoted by the Province of Alexandria together with the Cathedra Alexandriae and Ujce (Union Journalists and European communicators).