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Sharing the history of Marengo

The strategy chosen by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce) has been praised by the Honourable Vincenzo Amich. ” It is crucial to join forces to enhance the virtues offered by our territory. Tourism – said the member of the Commission IX (transport, post, telecommunications) guest at the Marengo auditorium – produces the utility already on the radius of 50 kilometers from the epicenter: the enhancement of Marengo is strategic to increase the appeal to our area. The territory is also the prelude to the one-way route undertaken by political activity towards the government center”.

“The culture spread by tourism – added Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the Polo di Marengo from the Province of Alessandria) – can be the most effective stimulus for the economy on our vast area”.

“Cohesion – said Rita Balistreri (vice-president Ujce) – is essential to define the bold territorial design: the Napoleonic saga unites Marengo to Lucca and suggests linking the ad hoc activities promoted by the communities of Alessandria and Lucca”.

“Our proposal – said Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) – can be promoted to 6.5 million customers traced every year at the Serravalle Outlet that is the structure laid on the podium of Italy’s most visited sites and preceded only by the Colosseum”.

Amich’s visit ended at the Napoleonic Museum of the Battle (14 June 1800). The Honorable was also portrayed next to the Tesla (defined by the monogram N of Napoleon) provided by the company Y3K, leader for the rental of electric cars.

Eleonora Norbiato, President Pro Loco of Basaluzzo, has assigned the praise to the Napoleonic re-enactors veterans from the march of 32 km on the Ligurian Alps, already run by General Barthélemy Catherine Joubert, celebrated by the stele laid in Sant’Antonio di Basaluzzo by the mayor Gianfranco Ludovici.

“The growth of Ente Pro Loco Piemonte – said the regional president Lorenzo Buratto – increases the innovative and profitable strength of organic itineraries to the history of Marengo and Piedmont”.