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The eternal union of poetry and territory

In 1969 the music critic Enrico De Angelis (club Tenco) coined the formula “songwriting”. This definition is reductive to illuminate the lyric flowered by the connection to the native city: poetry also transmits the fragrance spread by the epicenter.

It is impossible to separate the Genoese Historical School (artistic and cultural forge of famous songwriters: Umberto Bindi, Fabrizio De André, Bruno Lauzi, Gino Paoli, Giorgio Calabrese, Luigi Tenco, Gian Franco and Gian Piero Reverberi) from via Cecchi to Foce.

The author Roberto Paravagna is expected on Thursday at 5 p.m. at Marengo Auditorium to illustrate the literary work “Words and music. The places of Italian songwriting”.

The Ligurian journalist, eclectic anchorman of broadcast by radio Rai2 and Vatican and also commercial broadcasters, extols the “songwriting scene” because more esteemed than the “school of songwriters” to exhibit the background connected to the sites of the songwriting: famous lyricists’ success derives from the folklore fused to the territory and influences of private life.

The talk is part of the calendar “Thursday at Marengo”, the initiative promoted by the Province of Alexandria together with the Cathedra Alexandriae and Ujce (Union Journalists and European communicators).