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Love, Art and the glory

The Alexandrian author Bruno Volpi is expected at the Marengo auditorium (Thursday at 17) to
illustrate the novel “Chiaroscuro di donna”.
The narration explores the combative nature of protagonists refractory to the grandeur of five
famous partners: Giovanni Boldini, Marc Chagall, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin.
Dora Maar (Paris, 1907-1997), an illustrious photographer and model who also worked in the socio-
political arena, was Picasso’s lover and muse. The nine-year-old liaison was drenched in harassing
love. In 1860 the clandestine love story of Manet and the model Victorine Meurent began.
Passionate love unites the writer Bella Rosenfeld to Chagall and pain affects the love affair woven by
the sculptor Camille Claudel together with Rodin. Boldini multiplied the harmony of Berthe, the
French model and lover, on the canvases of female portraiture commissioned by the Parisian
The talk is included in the calendar “Thursday at Marengo”, promoted by the Province of Alexandria
together with the Cathedra Alexandriae and Ujce (Union Journalists and European communicators).