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Politics is built on education

It was 1994 and the floods claimed 40 lives on the Tanaro river. The environmental massacre is still likely: today it is necessary to erect the height of one meter on the barriers adjacent to the banks of Tanaro already built to protect the city of Alexandria.

The exercise of virtuous social practices to reduce the sad outcome of natural disasters is also promoted by institutional political activity. The dossier “The commitment of a communist in the party and in the institutions” shows the interventions of Francesco Moro to the Regional Council of Piedmont (VI legislature, 1995 – 2000). 

The control activity favored by the Novese councillor exalts social connected and currents dilemmas in the Alexandrian territory: the hydrogeological instability, the promotion for the tourist flow to the spa of Acqui and the valleys Borbera and Curone, the lack of suitable structures to rescue the population of citizens, workers, travelers operating on our vast provincial area more polluted of Europe because invaded by industries and highways.

“Yesterday – adds Rocco Muliere (former regional councillor) urged by journalist Massimo Taggiasco – there was a party school; today the civic sense is hidden: It is urgent to react to the crisis of popular participation in political activity to also untie the concern caused by the affinity between the environment and health unresolved despite the large amount of regional resources absorbed by the health sector”.

“This talk – concludes Efrem Bovo, Marengo temporary manager -helps convert the symbolic site of Napoleon’s epic from the battlefield to the campus for education”.