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History and the social spirit

The culture nurtured by history, epic or usual, spread to fellow citizens promotes the exercise of virtuous social practices.

This useful sensitivity also defines the initiatives set up at the Marengo auditorium: on Thursday at 5 pm the author Francesco Moro is expected to illustrate the autobiography “The commitment of a communist in the party and in the institutions”. 

The three hundred and twenty pages dossier contains a copy of all the interventions promoted to the Regional Council of Piedmont (VI legislature, 1995 – 2000) by the Novese councillor to improve the quality of life for the most defenceless population (excluded, unemployed, young people, women): Control activities highlight social dilemmas (health and pollution, employment and immigration) related and current.

The integration (8 February 2022) of Articles 9 and 41 (Italian Constitution) is crucial to balance the regulatory framework with principles already regulated at international level. The new constitutional structure strengthens the value of sustainability so far deepened only by doctrine and offers the premise to increase the defense of natural capital to the irreplaceable basis of economic activities.

The talk will be extended to the membership of Ugo Cavallera and Rocco Muliere (former regional councillors) and journalists Efrem Bovo and Massimo Taggiasco. The event “Thursday at Marengo” is promoted by the Province of Alexandria together with the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce) and the Cathedra Alexandriae.