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Napoleon belittled before God

The story, colossal or tiny, is extended to the progression of centuries from eternity founded on religion: this emerges from the literary work “Alessandria di Marengo” deepened by the talk of speakers gathered at the Marengo auditorium.

“The stone removed by the builder has become the cornerstone”: Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) thus reduces the overall story of Napoleon. In 1803 the First Consul sanctioned to tear down the cathedral church of San Pietro (Alessandria) to free the square of arms and insert the stones extracted from the ancient cathedral to the center of construction sites. The profound examination of immortality carried out by the General exiled to Saint Helena was transmitted on the Memorial (1823) by the biographer Emmanuel Las Cases.

“My story is tiny in front of Jesus Christ”: the Emperor asserted to the Generals stunned because they were dedicated to the French Revolution. ” I suffer for having appointed Generals without faith to the eternal Father”: this unique declaration is also included in the book “Conversations on Christianity” by Napoleon Bonaparte introduced by Cardinal Giacomo Biffi.

The survey also revealed the everyday life experienced by citizens confused by the grandiose history. ” The adhesion to social life – added Mauro Remotti – was extended by the Corsican leader to the two hundred Jews secluded in the ghetto of Alexandria”.

The inquisitorial nature of Massimo Taggiasco urged Piercarlo Fabbio to illustrate delicious stories written in the Napoleonic era. ” The low profitability of cereal crops – as claimed by Fabbio – promoted the production of Nerello di Mandrogne wine corrected by water and supplied to taverns”.

“It is beautiful – concluded Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the Hub of Marengo from the province of Alessandria) – to see the sensitivity growing around Marengo: the spread of this great story increases the appeal combined with our vast area”.