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Rita Balistreri at the Fnsi Congress 2023

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Rita Balistreri (Vice-President of the Union of European Journalists and Communicators – Ujce) will represent the association Stampa Subalpina at the Fnsi Congress (national federation of Italian Press) 2023. The lawyer from Asti, enrolled in the Piedmont Journalists Order since 1985, was elected delegate collaborator together with five members affiliated to the list “Independent journalists”.

“Stubbornness, determination, confidence: these are the basis of our planning to continue the process towards unity undertaken by Subalpina without neglecting the multifaceted dialectic. I will work together with the elected – declares Balistreri – to promote our vision, contractual protection to the exploited professionals, the information free from the censorship decided by the sources. The analysis to the publishing system will be managed to propose reforms and conduct negotiations based on concrete action. Rigor, only when necessary, will be opposed to the other side without sterile criticism and propaganda slogans: the mix of competence and loyalty is crucial to win our bet”.

Balistreri’s journalistic experience is multifaceted (news, culture, food and wine, territory, current affairs, health, theater). She is also the former press officer for the events promoted by the Province of Asti and every year she leads the live television at the “Palio di Asti”.

The journalist, moderator of conferences and political and cultural events, was appointed director responsible for the fortnightly “Il Duemila” by the Honorable Raffaele Costa and advisor of Polis Cultura, the association promoter of meetings on democratic culture.

Elected to the Lions Culture Commission Asti Host and awarded the journalistic prize “Asti Città d’Europa” (2000), is a founding member of “Asti d’Appello”, national literary competition, and adheres to the annual invitation to Stresa to the work and meetings “Giornate della Fondazione Subalpina” chaired by Mr Michele Vietti.

Balistreri was a journalist for the Piedmontese insert in the national newspaper “Il Giornale” (2006) and host of the program “Quelli che la radio” (radio Rai 2) together with Enrico Bertolino, Giorgio Comaschi, Giorgio Conte.

The report on cultural initiatives “The inspiring beauty” dedicated to reading, law, cinema and art, set up by the lawyer and the City of Viareggio from 2018 will be presented at the Book Fair 2023 in Turin.

Balistreri promotes training (intesa Università Mercatorum and Ujce), the forum “Communicators of the Mediterranean area” and “Steli di Pace”, the journalistic award active since 2018.