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Marengo, the athletes awarded by CONI

The award ceremony for athletes and sporting executives of Alessandria links the International Cultural Hub of Marengo to the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI): the abnegation of the managerial structure of every sports club is analogous to the synergy of troops of soldiers managed by the officers, rewarded in the Napoleonic era for merits acquired on the battlefield.

The Plaque was awarded to the champions Pierluigi Luparia and Maddalena Grassano: the ultra-octogenarian athlete still runs on the streets crossed by the races of duathlon; the Alexandrian sprinter was Italian record holder of 200 meters (1971) and relay race 4×200 meters (1975). The award was also conferred to the record holder Lorenzo Roselli (kickboxing savate, world championship 2021) and to the hurdler Valentina Cavo (specialty 400mH, seventh place at the world tournament 2022).

Master Gianluca D’Agostino (Italian Wushu-Kung Fu Federation) received the bronze palm to technical merit. The Medal of Athletic Valor was awarded to athletes Valentina Margaglio (silver) and Giulio Rimondotto (bronze): the skeletonist  climbed to the third level on the podium at the European Championships 2022; the rider from Monferrato is the Italian motorboating record (formula one elite).

Francesco Romeo (leader of the Italian Athletics Federation) received the Silver Star of Sporting Merit. The Bronze Star was awarded to the executives Andrea Picotti (Italian sports dance federation) and Ruggiero Rizzi (Italian rugby federation) as well as the Gruppo Arcieri Marengo of Pozzolo Formigaro, Tiro a Volo di Pecetto, Junior Pallavolo Femminile di Casale Monferrato.

The meeting was marked by the precise rhythm imposed by the provincial delegate Bruna Balossino (Coni Alessandria): the former teacher of physical education, along with the children on the front line to the staff (from the technical coordinator Stefano Moressa to the trustees Claudia Longhi, Giancarlo Rapetti, Carlo Vergagni), involved the intervention of athletes, awarded teams and administrative and institutional authorities.

“The availability of suitable sports facilities – says Councillor Gian Paolo Lumi (Province of Alessandria) – is essential for the athlete along with rigor combined with nutrition and training”.

“It is only right – adds the city council member Vittoria Oneto (delegation of sports facilities – Municipality of Alexandria) to ensure the chance to practice sports also to individuals affected by the economic crisis, the disabled, women”.

“Sport – says Councillor Domenico Miloscio (Province of Alexandria) transmits virtuous practices of peace”.

“No sport – reveals the councillor Pietro Marocco (Italian winter sports federation – Fisi) is less: the inclination exhibited by athletes defines the most popular specialties”.

“Sport – concludes Efrem Bovo (Marengo temporary manager) – protects health: sensitivity is also shared at the Polo di Marengo. The widespread dialogue to propose peace safeguards the process undertaken to protect the environment”.