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Napoleon’s echo runs from Piedmont to Veneto

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The art exhibited at the Piccolo Studio in the Gothic basilica of Sant’Andrea in Vercelli promotes the Napoleonic era: the exhibition visited by the temporary manager Efrem Bovo (International Cultural Hub of Marengo) is curated by Cavaliere Benito Maglitto, painter of 1500 three-dimensional figurines decorated by the charming finishes of uniforms (boots, gloves, headgear) and weapons (cannons, swords, rifles).

The showcase keeps telescopes, stamps, medals, dioramas, ancient books (interesting the tome based on the memories of Louis Constant Wairy, the valet de chambre of Napoleon for sixteen years) and paintings to celebrate the battle at the Arcole Bridge.

The liaison is extraordinary: the group of Napoleonic reenactors “59eme demi-brigade de ligne” established in Marengo is recalling, on the Veronese plain, the episode and the French triumph related to the First Campaign of Italy.

The Italian green, white and red tricolor, waved on 16 November 1796 at the battle on the bridge of Arcole by the Compagnia a Cavallo of the Lombard Legion, was then adopted on 7 January 1797 by the Cispadana Republic, the Italian sovereign state enslaved to the First French Republic.