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Egypt in Marengo and Sharm El-Sheikh

The archaeologist Ferdinando Caputi (National Director Cisrei Italy) is expected at the International Cultural Hub of Marengo for the talk “Thursday at Marengo” (Thursday 10 at 5pm) on the French military expedition spread by the Armée d’Oriente (1798 – 1801) to conquer Egypt: “Napoleon’s Campaign of Egypt and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone” is the title of the dissertation presented by the illustrious speaker. 

The knowledge spread by history can give more freedom to man and, thus, the meeting is simultaneous to the Cop27 summit or Conference of Parties (Sharm El-Sheikh, 6-18 November 2022) open to the 197 States signatories of the UN Framework Convention on climate change.

The fund suggested by poor states to treat environmental disasters estimated at more than tens of billions of dollars is linear to the target “Loss and damage” (reducing global warming to 1.5% and monitoring CO2 emissions).

Today at the Hub of Marengo the battle flows from the war scene to the unarmed struggle to heal the environment, the ecosystem, animals, biodiversity. The Desaix park at Villa Delavo holds eight  hives. The pollination made by bees is strategic: honey analysis provides data on contamination.

Symbolism unites Egypt to the plateau of Fraschéta: the Egyptian pyramid, the most obvious icon of the building dedicated to the dead, inspired Napoleon to order to build in Marengo the mausoleum equipped with a room with marble tables engraved by the name of every soldier fallen on the battlefield (14 June 1800). The disregarded decree was then revered by the more modest structure opened since 2009.