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Surveyors between Egypt and Marengo with Napoleon

Ancient Egypt seduced Napoleon and the surveyors, officials chosen by the King to lay the knotted ropes and restore the border of fields flooded by the Nile. This expertise evolved and united the mensor to the organigram of the Roman legion. The ante litteram surveyor was delegated to trace the lines of bivouacs set up for the legionaries’ rest.

The Marengo International Cultural Hub, site of the battle (14 June 1800) almost lost by the French militias but then nodal triumph for the Napoleonic saga, was chosen by the National Council of Surveyors to set up the conference “Professional organization and technical administrative tasks in the offices”.

The president Antonio Francesco Penna (College of surveyors of Alessandria) introduced the dissertation of advisers (surveyor Luca Bini) and officials (doctor Antonella Abagnato and the lawyer Francesco Scorza) to the national Council in order to instruct the operating specialists at the colleges of Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle Aosta to join the typical expertise of the agency in order to manage administrative obligations.

The assembly was attracted by Maurizio Savoncelli’s analysis of the current energy crisis: “If Italy – asserted the national president to the College of Surveyors – had activated effective management planning for energy, today our energy assets would be autonomous”.

The statement agrees with the “green” lifestyle promoted at the Marengo Pole, conducted by temporary manager Efrem Bovo to protect the environment on our planet weakened by air pollution.

The guided tour of the Napoleonic Museum at Villa Delavo was the extra appreciated by the audience of operators gathered at the auditorium.