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“Land!”… for Cuccaro

On Wednesday, 12 October, a reflection on Christopher Columbus was held in the historic site of the cloister of Santa Maria di Castello, Borgo Rovereto Alessandria: “The man who crossed the borders of the world”.

“The province intends to enhance this place” says Maurizio Sciaudone, Provincial Director “this conference is a boost for a new renaissance for Italy. In Alexandria we have history, skills and identity to highlight the territory.”

“Our gaze must become more free thanks to history” says Efrem Bovo UJCE – Union of European Journalists and Communicators- during the opening. He quotes Marc Augè, anthropologist and French sociologist “this helps us to get out of our cultural lair.”

On the day of the discovery of America, 12 October 1492, at 530 years, the Cultural club Marchesi del Monferrato wanted to pay tribute by researching the origins of the admiral of the ocean.

Born in Genoa, according to history, but with family roots in Cuccaro.

“We started from the hereditary cause of Christopher Columbus, which lasted 220 years, ended with a transaction that divided securities and money,” says the attorney Giorgio Casartelli Colombo, President of the Colombian Museum of Cuccaro. Interesting links with the town of Monferrato have emerged.

With the discovery of the new land began one of the first processes of globalization that allowed an exchange of products and cultures.

“The desire for knowledge has made great Christopher Columbus” says Emiliana Conti, President of the Cultural club Marchesi del Monferrato. “I think that the story is a big chatterbox and that it doesn’t keep secrets for too long. The truth comes out sooner or later “.

And so the Colombo family can shout “Land!” also in Cuccaro.