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The eternal alliance of memory and space

The Afterlife has always been described by man and the illustration of metamorphosis from life to death is connected to the current age by the architectural structures built to protect and commemorate the bodies. The beginning of the talk Poetica del ricordo opens the meeting Marengo di giovedì at the international cultural hub of Marengo on the sepulchral cult expressed by the funeral home Bagliano, a company operating since 1922.

“The Egyptian pyramid, – says the moderator Efrem Bovo- the most obvious icon of building consecrated to the dead, led Napoleon to suggest that architecture for the mausoleum dedicated to the warriors fallen at the Battle of Marengo (14 June 1800)”.

“The art spread by memory – adds the former mayor Gianfranco Cuttica of Revigliasco – flows from ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic decree which is a source of artistic works gathered at the monumental cemetery to convey the immense history of illustrious men”. 

” Today, sensibility induces a new vision of spaces and materials for commemoration – says Marco Bagliano – the use of environmentally friendly substances produced by the recycling chain or raw earth of Fraschéta for the itinerary of the funeral home Bagliano enhances the identity of the Alexandrian territory”.

The park of Villa Delavo hosts the ossuary dedicated to brave people fallen in the Grand Bataille (14 June 1800) near the bust consecrated to the French General Louis Desaix. The burial cult also helps to protect and transmit the memory of Marengo through new features as Commemoration Virtuelle (12 – 15 June 2020).

The value of memory has always been spread by literary works.

The ode “Dei sepolcri” by Ugo Foscolo – says the poet Gianpiero Nani- was inspired by the edict of Saint-Cloud about burial practices: the author feared the dispersion of memory caused by the ban on inscriptions on graves to unify the ideological-political will of the remains”. “The wind – concludes Bagliano – slips over everyone and only some can give it a sound. Within each of us we can continue to grow our past”.