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“Poetica del ricordo”, Marengo looks after memory 

The entrepreneur Marco Bagliano, exponent of the homonymous funeral company, is expected at the auditorium of the Cultural hubof Marengo on Thursday, 6 October at 17:40, to illustrate the catalog Poetica del ricordo. The choice of effigies is presented on glossy pages to enhance the innovative flair of talented artists. The art itinerary set up at the funeral home Bagliano, active since 1922, illustrates the universal force of life from its evolution to the final moment and the vigor spread by eternal memory: the mosaic of iron, glass and cement transmit the perpetual movement of waves on the sea, the engraved steel evokes the migratory flight undertaken by the soul towards the unknown entity, the huge and wrinkled leaf leads the lively summer towards the tenuous autumn and beyond winter to let us see the bud, icon of rebirth, and spring.

Marco Bagliano will display the novel Qualcosa Nascosto, the tender narration spread over twenty-four hours, based on the story of two characters (the boy in trouble and the undertaker) involved in the intersection of stories of living and dead men.

The celebration of the dead is the sign of eternity desired by man and it is expressed by the artists’ inspiration and by the law of every age.

The Saint-Cloud edict (12 June 1804) excluded the burial of deceased people in cities and required the hospitalization of corpses in structures erected in the suburban area, to protect public health.

The audience will be seduced by Art history described by the teacher Gianfranco Cuttica, from Revigliasco: he will describe the metamorphosis from time to eternity according to medieval sensitivity.

Gianpiero Nani, the dialectal poet devoted to the orality, will give the voice to the poetry on the burial cult: from the Medieval Afterlife guarded by Dante’s poem Divina Commedia to the ode Dei Sepolcri written by Ugo Foscolo, spurred by Napoleon’s edict on burial practices, extended to the Kingdom of Italy (1806).

The devotion to the sepulchres of Marengo will open the talk introduced by the temporary manager Efrem Bovo: in the park next to the Delavo villa there is the ossuary dedicated to the warriors who died at the Grande Battaille (14 June 1800) and the bust consecrated to the French General Louis Desaix.