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EM 2025, Together to give Marengo a European dimension

The project idea originates from the union and the construction of a team of entrepreneurs who see Napoleon as an exceptional testimonial for the development of business and territory.

The synergy between businessmen keen on educate themselves in hospitality and promotion, starting from the Marengo brand from today to 2025: Equipe Marengo 2022 2025 is the brand conceived by Studio Due and promoted by Marengo alta formazione (“Marengo high formation”), Maf, together with the Journalists Union and European communicators (Ujce) to encourage territorial development beginning with local companies.

The representative logo is the restyling of a painted representation: Napoleon’s index finger is pointing to the toponym Marengo written on the parchment of the battles while his left hand holds two gloves. Furthermore, the sabre at rest and Generalissimo’s gaze turned to the public symbolize the invitation to visit Marengo.

The agreement connected to the general project of the Province of Alessandria managed by Ujce is open to the entrance of new collaborators and was signed by the first sensible entrepreneurs at Marengo auditorium on April 27: Alessandro Calvi di Bergolo (Castle of Piovera), Giuseppe Perrone (Studio Due), Barbara Pagella (Caves du Monfrà), Rosanna Stirone (travel agency “L’oblo”), Simona Papè (Maf), Laura D’Anna (Monferrato to Taste), Salvatore Fera (Marengo catering), Alessia Ardiani (“La Pederbona” educational farm).

“The epic of Napoleon passes through the area of Marengo and the Castle of Piovera painted black to participate in the mourning the death of the Emperor”, Alessandro Calvi di Bergolo declares.

“The last great historical re-enactment of the battle of Marengo on our territory – Rosanna Stirone remarks – dates to the bicentenary: the year was 2000. In addition, it’s essential to enhance the historical heritage to promote tourism. Let’s continue month after month from now until 2025 on that mythical 5th of May in which Napoleon wanted to evoke the victory of Marengo in Alessandria”.

“This educational and formative mission – Efrem Bovo (Ujce) emphasizes – was born to create awareness on hospitality in an area aimed at optimizing creativity and collective intelligence. Starting from the bottom, that is from the single economic initiatives, and together, it’s possible to build the network of international connections and attract above all French people who have already invested in the area of Alessandria and continue to look at our ‘department’ as a natural progression of friendship, which was strongly increased in consequence of the government agreement between Macron and Draghi”.